Tea-myrtle mask Dr.Yudina L333, 150 ml

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Tea tree oil is extremely effective in combating a wide range of various pathological bacteria (including   Staphylococcus  epidermalis  ,   A. Propionibacterium ), prevents the development of infections, has a bacteriostatic effect, relieves inflammation and irritation, has a pronounced antiseptic, antifungal, antiparasitic and wound healing effect. .

The active ingredients of the mask are: pectin substances with a high sulfur content obtained from Irish moss, as well as polysaccharides from Cognac manan, identical in properties to hyaluronic acid.

Microelements (zinc, magnesium, sulfur) are additionally introduced into the composition of the mask, tonic and suspension, which are involved in the local formation of hormones and proteins responsible for the regeneration and healing processes in the skin.

Indications for use:   Acne, thick seborrhea, rosacea, rosacea complicated by Demodex mite, seborrheic dermatitis, streptostaphyloderma, sycosis, staphylococcal impetigo.

You can buy Tea-myrtle mask Dr.Yudina L333, 150 ml in our online store Limonad with delivery to Ukraine and Europe, including Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania and many other countries.

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