Retinol-glycol 25% Caepilling Kaetana, 30 ml

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Our advantages
Retinol-glycol peeling 25%, pH-2.8 refers to surface peels in terms of penetration depth. However, according to the results obtained, retinol-glycol peeling is comparable to medium-acting peels. Histological studies have shown that the stimulating effect on the cellular structures of the skin persists even 4 months after the last application of retinoids. The formulation of the drug includes the active form of retinoids at a concentration of 5%, which ensures high peeling efficiency. Unique combined two-component peeling.


Purified water, retinol 5%, glycolic acid 20%, ethyl alcohol.

Glycolic acid - has the smallest molecular weight, easily penetrates the epidermal barrier and has the most pronounced effect. It has the ability to reduce hyperpigmentation and stimulate cell regeneration.
Retinolic acid - increases the level of mitotic activity of basal keratinocytes; normalizes the processes of differentiation and keratinization in the epidermis; stimulates the synthesis of epidermal lipids; activate the synthesis of components of the intercellular matrix of the dermis; normalizes the synthesis of melanin.


Peeling is indicated for chronoaging, photoaging; to achieve a lifting effect; with hyperpigmentation, melasma, lentigo; with hyperkeratosis, senile keratomas; enlarged pores; for very dry and thin skin.


Important! Before this procedure, preparation is recommended: 1-2 procedures using salicylic peeling or Jessner peeling. This is a highly desirable step, but not strictly required.

Procedure protocol

1 step. Gel "Make-up remover cleansing", thorough degreasing of the skin; 2 step. Apply Vaseline to sensitive areas of the face: corners of the eyes and lips, families. 3 step. Peeling is applied with a fan brush in a thin layer on the skin of the face, avoiding the area around the eyes, starting from the skin of the forehead, then on the lateral surfaces of the cheeks, chin, nose and nasolabial triangle. Exposure time 3–10 minutes.
It is possible to apply a second layer of the peeling composition after the previous one has dried. To enhance the effect, the product can be rubbed (with a cotton swab) for 3-5 minutes. Expected reactions: redness, subjectively - a pronounced burning sensation.
5 step. Apply a generous amount of "neutralizer". Wash off with plenty of cool water. Dry your skin.
6 step. Apply "Cream soothing after chemical peeling with SPF-15".

Recommended number of procedures: the main course is 5-6 procedures with an interval of 2-3 weeks. At the first session, it is desirable to apply only one layer of the peeling composition. The course is held 1-2 times a year.

Post-peel care

Do not wash your face for 12 hours after peeling;
Care products should contain antioxidants, and they can be used only after a few days. “Caemulsion” and “Cream soothing after chemical peeling from SPF-15” are ideal. The crusts that have appeared cannot be forcibly removed, and the peeling process should be accelerated; It is necessary to refuse decorative cosmetics within 5-6 days after the procedure; The use of sunscreen Spf-30 and above is mandatory before going outside.

Shelf life 18 months. from the date of manufacture and 12 months. from the start of use. Temperature regime +5+25°С

You can buy Retinol-glycol 25% Caepilling Kaetana, 30 ml in our limonad online store with delivery throughout Ukraine and Europe, including Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania and many other countries.

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