Jessner 14% Kaetana Caepilling, 30 ml

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Jessner Peel 14%, pH-2.0 is a combined chemical peel. Most cosmetologists use this type of peeling as a superficial one, but in some cases it can be used as a medium one. The difference is how many layers of the peeling composition is applied to the treated area. Jessner peeling is an excellent replacement for plastic surgery when the first signs of skin aging appear, as well as in the presence of damage to the skin after negative exposure to the sun.
After this peeling, the level of production of a moisturizing factor increases, the process of neocollagenesis starts and pigmentation foci are illuminated.


Consequences of acne (put); severe peeling of the skin; enlarged pores; slight wrinkles, the appearance of which is accompanied by the formation of folds; freckles; scars and scars; skin hyperpigmentation; comedones; excessive activity of the sebaceous glands; seborrhea; ingrown hair; hyperkeratosis.


Resorcinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid, ethyl alcohol.

Salicylic acid (Salicylic acid) - is presented in the composition of a concentration of 14%. It has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic and mild drying effect. Reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands, promotes epithelialization of skin defects, relieves inflammation and itching.

Lactic acid> (Lactic Acid), Unlike other Ana-acids, lactic acid has a mild, gentle effect on the skin, allows you to hold and evenly moisturize the different layers of the epidermis, which makes it one of the most important components of the Jessner peel.

Resorcinol (Resorcin)– also presented in the composition of peeling with a concentration of 14%. It has an antibacterial, whitening, astringent and cauterizing effect, enhances the effect of the above-mentioned components. It has the ability to tan the skin and disinfect it, which allows the use of this component in the treatment of various dermatological diseases.


Before peeling, you should test the skin for allergies, for which a small amount of the product should be applied to the skin behind the ear and wait a day. Before peeling, a test should be carried out: apply the composition to a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin on the face and leave for 1 minute. Wash away. evaluate the response. If the redness appeared and quickly passed or it was not there, you can start the procedure. If the skin turns red, you should abandon the peeling procedure and continue the preparation with glycolic acid.
Apply Vaseline to the most sensitive points of the face: the outer corners of the eyes, lips, near the nostrils, birthmarks.

Superficial peeling - only one layer of the solution is applied to the skin and for a short time.1. Apply a special degreasing solution to the cleansed skin (50% honey. Spread the Jessner peel evenly on the skin of the face. A brush or a cotton applicator is used to apply the Jessner solution. The solution is applied from top to bottom: first the forehead and temples, then the chin, then the cheeks and 2.
The peeling procedure takes 2 minutes.During the entire time of the solution, a strong burning sensation is felt.
3.After the procedure, the residual solution is removed with gentle movements and a special moisturizer is applied after peeling. just cleanse the skin of dead cells, remove oily sheen, correct skin color.

Medium peeling involves applying at least three layers of the solution to the skin, with each exposure up to 120 seconds. The result is more noticeable, since it is possible to smooth out wrinkles, remove age spots, smooth out small scars, scars, and so on.

Jessner deep peel. A very painful procedure. It is carried out by a cosmetologist and requires constant monitoring. The period of rehabilitation and recovery after deep peeling is at least 30 days. We do not recommend such peeling due to the unjustified number of complications. Post-peel care

Do not wash your face for 4 hours after peeling. The skin is lubricated with petroleum jelly in the first 3-10 days, then the "Cream soothing after chemical peeling" is used. Sunbathing, baths and solariums should be abandoned. For three months, it is mandatory to use sunscreens with a protection factor of at least 30, this reduces the risk of skin hyperpigmentation. Shelf life 18 months. from the date of manufacture and 12 months. from the start of use. Temperature

You can buy Jessner 14% Kaetana Caepilling, 30 ml in our limonad online store with delivery throughout Ukraine and Europe, including Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania and many other countries.

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