Pigment for eyes EASY WAY MIX W 02E Kodi (20103613), 7 ml

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Pigment for permanent makeup EASY WAY MIX, W02E

When choosing pigments for permanent makeup of the eyelids, many nuances must be taken into account: the durability, stability and hypoallergenicity of the formula, the hiding power of the pigment and its predictability in the development zone. The new series of EASY WAY MIX pigments, developed by the leading experts of the Kodi Professional brand, fully meets all requirements.

The pigments are formulated from high quality water-alcohol based raw materials with glycerin, which guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the product and its high durability. Pigments do not enter into the metabolic processes of the body and are characterized by excellent wearability. Color W02E is a universal black color, the intensity of which can be adjusted.

EASY WAY MIX pigments are characterized by a high content of synthetic dyes. The optimal size of the coloring particles guarantees the stability of the color and the preservation of its intensity up to 80% after healing. The time spent on the procedure and skin trauma are reduced. When applying the permanent, there will be no swelling and bruising, and minimal damage heals in just a few days.

Finely dispersed particles of titanium dioxide are evenly dispersed in the total volume of the dye, which does not provoke the release of white on the skin surface. This leads to color retention and a predictable result. Nude shades remain stable during healing.

The product complies with international quality standards in the field of medical cosmetology. Safety, hypoallergenicity and lack of toxic effects have been proven in clinical trials.

You can buy Pigment for eyes EASY WAY MIX W 02E Kodi (20103613), 7 ml in our limonad online store with delivery throughout Ukraine and Europe, including Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania and many other countries.

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Kodi Professional

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