Gel "Aloe Vera" Dr.Yudina L280, 250 ml

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"Real Aloe" - this is how it sounds in the translation of Aloe Vera Barbadensis, because of the 200 types of Aloe, only four species have healing properties. Aloe Vera leaf pulp contains up to 96% water, the remaining 4% is 200 active, and 75 nutrients. The advantage of this preparation is the absence of heat treatment when obtaining the gel from the pulp of the Aloe Vera leaf, which made it possible to preserve all the nutrients. Additionally, to enhance the soothing effect, Coton Extract was added to the gel.

Aloe Vera Gel:

  • restores hydrolipidic balance
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the healing process
  • has photoprotective properties, reduces erythema
  • has antioxidant properties
  • prevents scarring.

It can be used as an independent tool, and in aesthetic centers.

As a standalone tool:  

  • moisturizing, 
  • recovery after an aggressive effect on the skin (UV irradiation, chemical burns, etc.),  
  • to maintain water balance in the skin.

In aesthetic centers:

  • in deep moisturizing programs,
  • when using hardware techniques (phototherapy, photorejuvenation, etc.),
  • in treatment programs for problematic, dehydrated skin.

How to use: Apply as needed (1-10 times) a day on any area of ​​the skin.


INCI: Aloe Vera Gel

You can buy Gel "Aloe Vera" Dr.Yudina L280, 250 ml in our online store Limonad with delivery to Ukraine and Europe, including Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania and many other countries.

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