Detox mask Adsorbing mask Dr.Yudina N103, 50 ml

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"Detox mask" means of cleansing the skin of toxins. The main active ingredients in the "Detox" mask are kaolin and charcoal obtained from coconuts. These ingredients adsorb, attract and retain toxins, waste products of skin cells and microorganisms. The active components of the fluid are: a selective complex of prebiotics "Biolin" tm and a polyvalent emulsion of exotic oils.

The complex of prebiotics creates conditions for the growth and development of beneficial microflora, and, at the same time, prevents the reproduction of pathogenic, pathogenic microflora on the skin.

A polyvalent emulsion from a mixture of exotic oils of chaulmugra, kalinji, lemon tree manuka and magnolia bark extract has a powerful antioxidant effect, promotes the creation of local immunity by increasing cellular defense processes, improves the synthesis of structural components of skin cells, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity, regulates the production of sebum glands.

Grape seed and pomegranate fruit extracts have powerful antioxidant properties.

The mask has an antiseptic, bactericidal effect, activates cellular metabolism, protects against free radicals, relieves symptoms of fatigue, prevents clogging of pores and the appearance of comedones (“black spots”) on the face.

Recommended for:

  • dryness and feeling of tightness of the skin of the face;
  • any type of skin;
  • for weekly care for any type of skin;
  • the presence of rosacea, post-acne;
  • children and adolescents (from 10 years old);
  • in the program "Cleaning the face"

Method and recommendations for use: cleanse the skin of the face with a gel for sensitive skin, wipe the face with the Delicate Skin tonic. Apply "Detox mask" for 15-20 minutes on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. Wash off with cool water. Wipe the face with "Delicate Skin" tonic and, to enhance the effect, apply the "Delicate Skin" fluid.

You can buy Detox mask Adsorbing mask Dr.Yudina N103, 50 ml in our limonad online store with delivery throughout Ukraine and Europe, including Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania and many other countries.

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